Captain America: Civil War has moved to Berlin for the last bit of filming, and as they are shooting outside in public, the inevitable has happened and we’ve finally got our first look at the Black Panther. Yesterday while filming a stunt sequence, the Black Panther’s costume was on full display and it looks about as good as can be, given that all superhero costumes look ridiculous in the real world. This is not Chadwick Boseman in costume, but his stunt double—likewise the Winter Soldier, in plain clothes, is one of Sebastian Stan’s doubles—but the costume is all there, similar to his comic book look, minus the dumb cape. It’s the right combination of utilitarian and flair. The Black Panther is royalty—he ought to have some flair.

Also, thank you to those who emailed to be all, “Haha, you were WRONG,” re: Black Panther’s involvement with the Winter Soldier in Civil War. The new set photos show the pair working together, and not fighting. My (minorly spoiler-ish) remark about Black Panther’s presence in the movie was this: “…Black Panther is in the mix too, after the Winter Soldier for reasons unknown.” Never said they were fighting, but I do know a little more about what’s going on. As I said before, Black Panther is a free agent in the conflict—he’s not caught up in the superhero registration stuff. He’s got his own agenda, and the Winter Soldier, an infamous assassin, has a very particular skill set. Everyone’s after him in Civil War, but Black Panther’s interest in him is…practical. For all the talk about teams in Civil War, it’s a clever, crafty Black Panther and the ruthless Winter Soldier who make the most intriguing pair.


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