While Suicide Squad got the big flashy trailer premiere during the televised DC Comics special last night, for me the big draw was seeing the first footage from Wonder Woman, which is filming now. It’s not much, just about eighty seconds including interstitials with Kevin Smith and comic book writer Geoff Johns, but we get to see Gal Gadot in action as Wonder Woman, including her super-kicking some dude in the face, and riding a horse and maybe cutting a guy’s head off. There’s also a shot of her trying on hats and glasses, because ladies, amirite? But I’ll gloss over that in favor of the shot of Wonder Woman with Chris Pine as her love interest, Steve Trevor, and what are maybe soldiers.

Wonder Woman will take place in World War I, and Steve Trevor is an Army guy. I get a little nervous when the WB/DC people describe her as “the Thor of the DC Universe”, because no, she’s their Captain America. (Aquaman is Thor.) She’s the noble warrior archetype who lives across eras, she works with the Army, her love interest is a soldier, and while she’s not as self-sacrificing as Cap, she has a similar tendency to put others first and work for the common good. When they talk about her being their Thor, I fear they’re hung up on her alien-ness and super strength, and missing her heart. I’m going to cling to Patty Jenkins, the director, talking up her kindness and hope for the best. I’m REALLY excited for Wonder Woman.

Also, we’ve now seen footage from three DC Cinematic Universe movies: Superhero Face Punch, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman. They’ve all got the same color-drained palette and dour look. Even Suicide Squad’s neon bursts don’t overcome the dingy palette. For all their talk about being the filmmaker-friendly shared universe that is going to turn out uniquely individual movies, so far they look remarkably the same.