If the family movie isn’t your thing this weekend, you could always go see Michael Fassbender in A Dangerous Method. There’s actually a double shot of Fassy coming up in the next few weeks. Next month it’s Shame for which many say he’s deserving of an Oscar nomination. In January it’ll be Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire. And after that, we wait until summer for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated return to science fiction for a film that some say will be related to Alien, like a prequel, while others insist isn’t, which just means they’ve done a great job at keeping the actual concept of the project a secret.

All told then, for Fassy, that’ll be 6 releases in 18 months. A LOT.

Entertainment Weekly has just released an exclusive first still from Prometheus featuring Fassy, Noomi Rapace, and a dude* who looks a lot like Tom Hardy when he’s hot, but it’s not. (Um, pause for a second and imagine Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender in a movie together. Yes, please.) Fassy apparently plays an android. Also, Idris Elba is in it. (Pause again - Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender? YES, PLEASE.)

Click here for more details but really just more mystery about Prometheus from EW.com and click here to see more pictures including one of Charlize Theron who’s positioned for two blockbusters next summer (Snow White and the Huntsman being the other) after what’s been a quiet couple of years. Career patience is so underrated.

And how do we feel about Charlize + Fassy? I think I could work with that.

*His name is Logan Marshall-Green. You may recognise him as Marisa Tomei’s boyfriend. Or ex-boyfriend. I haven’t seen them together in a while now.