I don’t hate it, you guys.

I mean, what I remember most about earlier versions of Peter Pan  - including the animated one, don’t laugh at me – is that his skin is so fresh and young and tight it’s about to burst off his face. We kind of get that effect here.

What’s more, she looks up for it. I mean Williams is wiry-athletic thin, not delicately draped on the top of a pirate ship. She could look a little dirtier, as Pan, but I believe she can do some legitimate climbing and crowing and mess some things up if that’s necessary.

However – and this is a big qualifier – if you’re releasing the picture of your lead and you know there’s maybe been some grumbles about her abilities, how about you try not to damn with faint praise? The producers released a quote that said, in part:

“[Allison] will reinvent the iconic role of Peter Pan with her wit, her warmth, her dynamic flying and her wonderful musical abilities.”

Her dynamic FLYING? Are you kidding me? Guys, we ALL KNOW it’s being tugged around on ropes. It’s fine. We all hoped we would get to do it and all our drama teachers explained that it was too hard and that we would just have to skitter across the stage. (If this was not true for you, please write to me and tell me all about flying in your high school production of Peter Pan.)

Ultimately, this is a one-night live production. All this buzz to see how she does is only good for ratings. Maybe they don’t want us too confident, so we make sure to watch live.

BREAKING: Here she is, dynamically flying. Does this not remind you of rehearsal clips on 'Circus Of The Stars'? I'm getting excited in spite of myself.