Have you seen this?

It’s the first look at James Franco on General Hospital. Don’t ask me about the storyline. I don’t care about the storyline. What I do care about are the scenes. Soap opera scenes are long and drawn out. Takes them days to have one conversation. Excruciating ordinarily but in this case, it means every day during the week there’s a long long LONG close up on James Franco for at least cumulatively 10 minutes an episode. Happiness.

As mentioned earlier, Per Ausiello, following his GH run, James will also guest on 30 Rock. And of course he already has several films in the can including the comedy Your Highness with Natalie Portman, Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts, and Howl in which he plays Allen Ginsberg.

James is the current Independent Spirit Award Best Supporting Actor. And he still wants to know how it is to rough it on daytime. It might be time to move him off the Freebie 5 and onto the Lifetime List.