The first image of Theo James as Four in Divergent was released the other day. As you know, Veronica Roth’s series about Tris Prior has been my jam for a couple of years now, ever since I ripped through a copy of it while sunburning my ass in Barbados in 2011. Click here to read my review. Allegiant is due out in October. Hello publishers? Please, please send an advance reader copy! Please!

As for Four...

What do you think? Is Theo James doing it for you?

He’s a sexy, sexy character in the book. He’s sexy because he appreciates her for who she is. And he doesn’t treat her like a child. He doesn’t ask her to change. When she f-cks up, and she f-cks up kind of a lot, he calls her on her bullsh-t. THAT is sexy. Also... well... he’s lanky and hot.

I’m not sure if lanky is how I’d describe Theo James here. The face though, as we’ve always known, is great. Duana had a problem with his hair. She said her Four had more hair. My four didn’t necessarily have more hair, just less of... a hairline? Is it just me or is that a weird hairline?

Bah. These details aren’t important if he is Four in spirit. We don’t need a Four who is a Prince Charming, rescuer. We need a Four who is Tris’s equal partner.