Moonlight is one of the most acclaimed films of the year. Sarah reviewed it at TIFF and it is expected to be a contender at the Oscars. Brad Pitt is one of the producers of Moonlight. His work the last few years supporting stories about people of colour is one of the reasons The Undefeated asked in a piece published this summer whether or not he’s the “wokest white man in Hollywood”.

Brad Pitt, however, as you know, has kept a very, very low profile the last couple of months. Ordinarily, he’d probably be using his considerable influence to campaign for his film. Last night, however, Brad Pitt showed up at a private screening for Moonlight…with a very famous friend, Julia Roberts:

The Mexican! A reunion! (Joanna is very excited about this.)

But of course, Julia would be on Team Brad. She was close with Jennifer Aniston when Brad was still married to her. And, do you remember a few years ago, when Julia was asked on a carpet what she thought of Brange’s engagement? E! has curiously pulled down that video. But I remember it because I wrote about it and I wrote about it because it was pure Julia. God, the tone in her voice, there was no mistaking her thoughts.

“Indeed. Oh, yes.”

So, in case there was any doubt, any at all, the prom king went off for a while with Laney Boggs. And now he’s back at the cool kids table.