Two hours!

They had their publicists confirm their relationship TWO HOURS before the CMAs last night. Just as Miranda Lambert was getting ready for the red carpet.


I mean, we’ve already had a year of great gossip. And now this gift. This…straight…up….



And Blake? He’s not stopping. Now we’re finding out that he and Gwen have written a country ballad together. Oh and we’re not done yet.

The first photos of them holding hands have now been released. Unfortunately I can’t afford them. You can imagine their value.

Ummmm, they look super f-cking hot together, non? I’m the perv over here imagining her sitting on his lap now. Also… never mind. You don’t need the details of my imagination.

For Gwen though, can you imagine? It’s been almost 20 years since she’s held hands with anyone other than Gavin Rossdale. Or wanted to hold hands with anyone other than Gavin Rossdale. For a long, long, long time, he was IT for her. He was the best she thought she deserved.

Some of you have written to me to say that you wish she would have stayed single for longer. That you worry about her moving on so quickly, from one man to the next, not capable of being alone.

Here’s the thing:

Being with Gavin? What if being with Gavin was already being “alone”? What if she was already getting over him during the last year or two of their marriage? What if leaving Gavin was actually just …closure?