Jessica & JT together in Vancouver: first photos

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 21, 2009 17:18:00 October 21, 2009 17:18:00

Well that didn’t take long. Here they are, the first photos of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake in Vancouver together this afternoon after lunch with her assistant. Why does she need an assistant? She’s always with the assistant.

Anyway, am told they seemed “fine”, low key, and held hands as they left. For those of you who love the details, you’ll note, he was the one who initiated the handholding. And most of the conversation. Cling is a good listener.

Justin is supposed to begin work soon on the Facebook movie. Jesse Eisenberg who plays Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has already started shooting in Boston. Pips is Sean Parker, the Napster dude. And now, some loser who may or may not be Emile Hirsch on Twitter claims that he too has been approached for a role which, really, is just like him isn’t it? Emile Hirsch, the only person ever to conceive of a modern Hamlet. Not sure if this person is legit, probably not, but I hope so because seriously…that background… it’s the lamest sh-t ever.

Photos from PUNKD Images

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