It was reported last week that Chris Evans and Lily Collins are dating. Sarah wrote about it here. As she noted at the time, the situation was described as “beginning stages”, that the two are just “having a lot of fun”. Sarah also pointed out that the same language was used when Evans was sort of casually dealing with Sandra Bullock. All I could think about was that he likes girls with brown hair.

Anyway, the two went out for dinner with a group of people the other night. So here are the first shots of them, smiling at each other. Super cute, right? Now that you have the visual then, are you down?

I think I might be.

I think it might have to do with his expression. He seems … relaxed, not as up his own ass with seriousness. I don’t think I saw this face on him when he was with Minka Kelly. Or maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention?