Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are back in LA. These are the first photos we’ve seen of Taylor since Gossip Christmas. As Sarah wrote earlier this week, Tom is expected at Comic-Con this week.

They’re both heading to the gym but separately, and separate gyms. Word is they took a private plane together out of Australia yesterday. You’ll recall, Swoki arrived in Australia on commercial flights. And, at the time, it wasn’t a problem. Because they were touring the world like Will and Kate, pre-scandal.

Post-scandal, Taylor has a busted screen. And it’s easy to assume why. I mean, we’ll never know the real reason. But I’m sure it’s been memed already. The receipts killed her phone.

So. Now that she’s back in Los Angeles, back in the vicinity of the Wests, back at epicentre of Hollywood and gossip, does that mean she’s ready to face what’s next? What IS next? If I was advising her, I’d keep us asking that question a lot longer. If she wants to change the “narrative” the best way to do that is to make us wonder. When will she talk? What will she say? What is she doing? What is she thinking? These pictures, by the way, are available at several photo agencies. Which means the paps knew where to go and where to look. It could be her way of letting us see her going about her regular routine, showing us that she’s not a crying mess in the bathroom, unaffected by what’s happened.

I don’t mind that as a one-shot. Get those out, put on the game face, make sure everyone sees it. But no more than that. After this, if I were her, I’d go deep underground. At least for a month. Longer if she can handle it.