Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson stepped out in London last night - the first sighting of them since they announced their second pregnancy. What else is there to say? They’re having another baby. It’ll be her fourth child. Most of you can’t get with this. Here’s my original article on the subject. I... kinda just want to be happy for her. Sometimes though I worry about her.

Sam and Aaron were in LA for a while as he was shooting Oliver Stone’s The Savages co-starring Taylor Kitsch and Blake Lively. I think the script involves both male leads being involved with Blake’s character somehow. Hot pairing, aesthetically at least, either way. It’s certainly not an unattractive cast. How does Sam deal with this? With the fact that her fiancé, just 21, has an entire acting career in front of him that will inevitably include making out with beautiful actresses? The right thing to say would be that jealousy is an unproductive emotion and anyone with enough trust and maturity would not succumb to it. In the real world, sure.

But acting is not the real world and a film set is not an office. Your boyfriend with the office job isn’t required to get into bed and start grinding on his colleague. They all say that it’s impossible to feel turned on in such an artificial environment but then how come people meet and fall in love on the set all the time? Of course this applies to any relationship involving at least one member of a couple in Hollywood. But you add to it that Aaron really is just 21, and she’s far from 21, and I wonder then if the chances become greater. Too cynical? Pessimistic?

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