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Chloe Moretz attended the Veuve Clicquot polo event in England yesterday with her brother, just 14 and already doing it better than Lohan herself. Look at her sucking in at the photo wall. There’s even a little oral fixation thrown in there the way Lindsay Lohan used to do it – always with a finger in the mouth, remember? Also a mouth that doesn’t seem to have been tampered with... yet.

I interviewed Chloe last year at Comic-Con a few months after seeing Kick-Ass. I remember, after we talked, Dylan put down his camera, shook his head, and said, “That’s gross. She’s a machine.”

At the time, Chloe was in London shooting The Invention of Hugh Cabret with “Martin Scorsese and Sir Ben Kingsley” – she just dropped them into conversation like that – and she’s still in England working now with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp on Dark Shadows. Which has certainly helped with her accent. It sounds great in the Hugo trailer. Have you seen it? I like it ok...

I think I’d like it more had I not read the book by Brian Selznick. Selznick is an illustrator so his creation, it came as he intended it to, with drawings, calligraphy, all the imagery in his head, straight to the page. You get what I’m getting at then. They put it right on the book jacket, at least the version I have:

“Evokes a silent film on paper.”
– The New York Times

So...what more do you need? When they author lays it right out for you just as he imagined? It’s also not like it’s out of date either. I don’t even think it’s been 5 years.

Film is important. No doubt. But Selznick’s book represented a modernisation in literary storytelling specifically for a generation fed by the visual. There’s a part of me that feels this is undermined by translating it to cinema so soon, especially for those who will end up assuming it was “just a book”.

Back to Chloe – she is working non-stop. With everyone. A lot of really great projects. And she’s only 14. That’s not a lot of room for a non-Hollywood experience is all I’m saying.

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