Ok, well, f-ck Game Of Thrones. Because it’s about to become secondary television after what you’re about to see. And what we’re all about to enjoy this summer…

Mariah’s World.

The first trailer.

In which we see Mimi actually moving around during rehearsals. AND WALKING DOWN SOME STAIRS… even though she was at the E! upfront today, arriving on a couch, carried onstage by two shirtless men. It’s really not an easy outfit to maneuver.

You’ll note though, when you watch this preview, that there’s also a lot of Stella, the manager. The manager who’s rumoured to have become the all-boss. The manager who’s in full up hair and makeup for every shot. For now? Stella’s probably kissing enough ass to not make this a problem. When you work for Mimi though, it’s understood that you are BACKGROUND ONLY. When Mimi sees how much of Stella we’re seeing? How the f-ck is that going to go down?