Following a report that the ending of the movie may or may not be a mess, we finally have the first trailer for Mission Impossible 5, now officially titled Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (a title that necessitated a hastily-done deal with Disney). The trailer is chock full of balls-out action to which the laws of physics do not apply, but there’s also a lot of down and dirty hand-to-hand combat, too. Rogue Nation is directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who directed Tom Cruise in the underrated Jack Reacher, which also featured some solid fight choreography. This is the most fun non-comic book movie trailer I’ve seen this year.

The plot hardly matters in a Mission: Impossible movie, but this one is something about a counter-IMF force attacking Ethan Hunt & Friends and frankly, it sounds a bit like Mission: Impossible – The Winter Soldier. Alec Baldwin is the bad guy, though, which is an especially fun piece of casting. Like Phillip Seymour Hoffman before him, I expect Baldwin to chew his way through the scenery. Also, as in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Jeremy Renner is beautifully lit and is wearing a lot of flattering suits. I wish this trailer had more well-lit Renner and less of Tom Cruise’s Bare And Terrifying Torso. Or just more Simon Pegg, that’s always welcome. Dare I hope that Cruise retires from this franchise and leaves it to Renner and Pegg? A Renner/Pegg odd-couple action comedy would be AMAZING.