“Maybe it’s good that Quentin Tarantino movie is ruined?” This was Dean’s headline   over a year ago when a leaked copy of Tarantino’s The Hateful Script prompted QT to throw a hissy fit and declare the project dead. Of course it didn’t stay that way, as by the end of the year Tarantino was set up and shooting in Colorado, but at the time, Dean wondered if another Western, on the heels of Django Unchained, was really necessary, and maybe scrapping the project was for the best. I hate to disagree with Dean, but the first trailer for The Hateful Eight just came out and it’s INCREDIBLE. Forget The Revenant—THIS is the Western I want to see. It’ll be interesting to see how that battle for box office and Oscar plays out at the end of the year.

You know what really stands out about this trailer? Jennifer Jason Leigh. She doesn’t say a word and she makes the biggest impression. It sort of reminds me of Inglorious Basterds, and how Melanie Laurent was the real star of that movie. Her little wave, the way she mimes hanging, her bloody grin—everything about Leigh in this trailer is terrific. The movie is mostly dudes, but it looks like the story revolves around Leigh’s character, who is wanted for some reason and hotly pursued by bounty hunters. A Tarantino Western about a wily woman getting one over on a bunch of salty dudes? YES NOW, PLEASE.