Though they showed off two major superhero teams, the biggest hit of the DC Films portion of Warner Brothers’ presentation was the first trailer for Wonder Woman. It is everything I hoped and dreamed. If this movie turns out bad, if it doesn’t live up to this trailer, I will be heartbroken. We’ve waited a long time for another go at a female-led superhero movie, and Wonder Woman looks like a helluva comeback.

I love every second of this trailer. I object to nothing. My only qualm—and it’s MINOR—is that you can still see Zack Snyder’s influence in the speed ramping with the action, and in the too-dark color scheme. But even still, this is much lighter than Superhero Face Punch—Wonder Woman’s costume is virtually unchanged from that movie, but look how much better it looks when not all of the color is drained out. A lot of people on Twitter thought it was a different costume, but no. She could have looked this way in Superhero Face Punch.

A friend pointed out that the opening shot of Diana finding Steve Trevor on the beach is straight out of The Little Mermaid, which is all I can see now, but I still really like the instant rapport between Diana and Steve. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine both look good in the World War I setting, and Chris Pine gets major points for being The Love Interest, and seeming to be genuinely thrilled to be in that role. This trailer has everything—action, humor (LOVE that bit with Etta Candy!), adventure, romance, Diana in that blue dress going for her sword. If Wonder Woman can deliver on all of this, it will be among the best superhero movies.

But the best part of the trailer is the exchange between Steve Trevor and Diana when she says, “What I do is not up to you.” I want to tattoo that on my body, it’s a perfect feminist thesis statement. Wonder Woman doesn’t have a credited female writer, so I would like to know who came up with that line. (Somehow I doubt it was Zack Snyder.) This trailer tells us f*ck-all about the plot, but the bit with the WWI soldiers fighting the Amazons on a beach sort of makes it look like once the men on Earth get a look at Diana they decide to invade her home, Themyscira, and then get their asses handed to them for their presumption. Wonder Woman is literally going to war with the patriarchy.