What is it?

One of the best nights in gossip – the MET Gala. And now it’s a film. The First Monday In May was shot last year leading up to and during the MET Gala, with Anna Wintour’s full cooperation, and will open the Tribeca Film Festival in April. A trailer was released yesterday. It’s f-cking delicious.

First of all, if cameras are allowed access to Anna during the planning, she’s going to curate the sh-t but she’s also not an idiot. She knows she needs to give you some sh-t for you to stay in. Have you seen The September Issue? Remember in The September Issue that part where she was looking at Sienna Miller’s pictures and basically said she looked like sh-t?

This is Anna, once again, behind the scenes, planning her party, and approving the guest list and seating chart, and sneering about a certain attendee who won’t stay off his phone. Also, at one point, is that…is that… is that Anna Wintour moving a table?!? Is she actually HELPING???

“Is it just going to look like a Chinese restaurant?”

Please note though that while Beyoncé is mentioned, there is no shot of Beyoncé. We see Rihanna (and a potential bitch about her fee) and George Clooney cuddling Amal, and Bradley Cooper laughing rather unattractively, and Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber, and so so SO many others, there is no Beysus. Will there be a Bey sighting? Or is it that she doesn’t share her personal archive, not even with VOGUE?

Attached - Anna Wintour at various events during London Fashion Week.