Last summer I read a book called One Day. And I wrote about it incessantly afterwards. I was even optimistic when I found out they were making the movie, because David Nicholls is a screenwriter too, and One Day was easily adaptable. When they cast Anne Hathaway as Emma and Jim Sturgess as Dex, I was beyond excited. The pap photos during production only fuelled the enthusiasm. And the first poster released for the film – click here to see my blog on that - was equally encouraging.

Which is why fans of One Day have all been eagerly awaiting the first trailer.

It’s here.

And I hate it.

Especially the first half of it.

That voiceover, by the same dude who voices every Katherine Heigl movie about wedding dresses, it’s TERRIBLE. He may as well be saying:

“Kate thought she had everything. Until she met Jack. And when Kate met Jack, their lives changed forever.

This summer comes a funny, fresh story about love, and the ways we avoid it only to have it land on our doorsteps when we least expect to fall.”



It picks up I suppose when the song kicks in… a little. But still the taste in my mouth is bad. It’s a trailer for people who see Jennifer Aniston movies. SO disappointing.


Anne Hathaway’s accent. I don’t know if I’m into it. Having said that, I think it’s only fair to decide after hearing it for an entire scene, uninterrupted.

So does that mean it will suck?

Well… not necessarily. Lone Scherfig is a good director. She did a great job with An Education. And it’s not like this is the first time a (possible) quality film has been sh-t on by a sh-tty trailer. Unreality Magazine just sent out a profile featuring 8 solid movies recently that had awful, like really really awful trailers.

Minority Report’s trailer was a f-cking mess. Same goes for Spider-Man 2 which actually ended up being the best in Tobey Maguire’s trilogy. Click here to read the full article. It’s a good one.


There’s certainly hope for One Day. But please, please a better 2nd effort. This one, this first one, it’s just f-ckin’ lazy.