It was a quiet Twilight weekend in Vancouver – with paps buzzing around and fans on the stalk, most cast members remained hidden, a few popping out only for brief outings, while the Big Three are now increasingly reluctant to roam around alone and unprotected. You would be too if you had to deal with lunatics who would do anything to get close to you.

But first…

Great legs.

Nikki Reed yesterday out for a walk with Elizabeth Reaser – damn, has she always had legs like this? Am puzzled by the footwear. Am very curious to know whose dance moves she’s mocking.

Last week was light for both as neither was required on set. Director David Slade tweeted that week 1 was supposed to be the most challenging and that newcomer Xavier Samuel did a great job.

Indeed I’m told exclusively that Xavier was on set on Friday night in New Westminister for a scene involving “Riley” trying to rein in his misbehaving newborn children, oblivious to certain members of the Volturi, led by Dakota Fanning’s “Jane” and her companion “Alec” who were silently observing.

Many fans showed up on set including a few regulars who follow from location to location because…

I don’t know how to complete the rest of that sentence.

In all fairness though, most of them seem to be able to maintain their sanity and do not attempt to strangle the actors.

Needless to say, production is quite wary of the travelling band of Twi-Hards who show up every day. And of course they’re not thrilled about the pap presence either.

One woman in particular however has made herself terribly unwelcome – more so than any other fan or photographer. Known to security for her overzealous attempts at ingratiating herself with production, she apparently became irate and hysterical when rejected, and I’m told that last Spring, during filming for New Moon, she tried to convince the crew that her daughter was suffering from a terminal illness in a desperate bid to get close to the cast. Needless to say, they didn’t believe her.

She claims to be a local Twilight expert and is trying to profit from it. Have already heard from a few of you who’ve walked away bitterly disappointed, and more than a little disturbed and frightened. Every day Twi-Hard tourists are flying in to Vancouver. Be careful where you spend your money.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images/JK