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Hayley Posted by Hayley at January 3, 2013 14:24:23 January 3, 2013 14:24:23

Hi! I am back from a week of holiday over-indulging with friends and loved ones and like most of you I am 2 days into my “resolutions”.

We all make resolutions each year and correct me if I am wrong but 3 weeks into the New Year we find our new routines quickly forgotten and have all resorted back to our old habits. 

In my experience in the health industry and helping to guide clients to create positive changes in their lives and expand their potential each year, the one mistake I notice most people making is that they set their expectations too high and create goals that are not realistic (which is part of the 5 guidelines to setting goals: specific, measurable, attainable, REALISTIC and in a time frame).

I know first-hand that anything is possible but the time it takes for that “anything” to be achieved varies among all of us.  For example, if you are trying to lose 100 pounds do not set yourself up for failure by saying I am going to workout everyday for 2 hours, only eat fruits and vegetables and sleep 10 hours a night because we all know that is not possible.  Or if you are a mother who works full time perhaps running a marathon this spring may be out of the question.  I am not saying that you cannot lose 100 pounds or run a marathon but be REALISTIC in the expectations you set for yourself.

Here is my advice when you are choosing a goal: Establish whatever it is that you want to achieve and then work backwards and set up a plan that will take you from step number one all the way to the finish line.  If it is running a marathon then perhaps your first goal will be buying new shoes and new running gear so you are prepared for the elements you will face when it comes time to step outside and hit the pavement. Next would be to create a training schedule that works with your lifestyle and make sure you have the necessary systems in place to help you be successful such as child care when you are running and a support group to see you through your training (this could be a running club or a friend that trains with you, or hire a coach which is something I do every time I am working towards a goal).

If it is the daunting task of losing weight (whether that be 5 pounds or 100 pounds) do not focus solely on the end result but rather work yourself backwards starting small and focusing on one change a week.  Trying to overhaul your lifestyle in one go is daunting so take baby steps, trusting that although it may take longer than you would like, you will be more likely to succeed.  As you start to see change and progress, your confidence level will grow and you can start to push yourself harder and demand more from yourself. 

Make 2013 your year but do not do it all in the month of January.  Be realistic when deciding exactly how much change you can make and how long it will take you to make the change.  And do not be afraid to fail because failing is a sign that you are pushing yourself so if you do fail get back on the program and keep trying.

Attached-- Kate Walsh goes hiking with a friend.


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