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The Globes – we were all watching them last night and we are all talking about them and reading about them today. Who won what, who wore what, who said what and who did who are common conversations in coffee shops and at the office today. I like to watch the Globes for many reasons but I am always interested in how the celebrities look, not in regards to their dress, hair and makeup but rather how their bodies look in their dresses.

One of the first things I discuss with my clients is work to be the best you can be based on your body type.  Last night was a perfect example of this as all of the women who walked the red carpet had been working hard for weeks to look the best they could but all looked very different. It is science.  We all have different body types and no matter how hard we try we cannot change it.  If we are short we cannot grow taller.  If we are broad in the shoulders we always will be.  If our hips are wide or our calves are thick it is just how our body is built.  If we are athletic we need to embrace our muscle, not try and get rid of it.

There are three body types, which science calls somatotypes: Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph. Endomorphs tend to be shorter, rounder, and softer and usually have strong legs (think Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Vergara).  Endomorphs build muscle easily as well as store body fat.

Ectomorphs (Taylor Swift) are tall and lean with petite bone structure and long muscles.  Ectomorphs usually have trouble gaining weight (both body fat and muscle) and due to a faster metabolism tend to be hungry all the time.

Mesomorphs have an athletic frame (Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lawrence) and tend to have broader shoulders with a smaller waist. 

We cannot change the somatotypes that science gave us when we were born.  If you are endomorphic you will always be endomorphic.  I can NEVER look like Taylor Swift or Sofia Vergara, it is just not possible, but I could look like Cameron Diaz (if I worked really hard that is).

Understanding your body type will help you determine the best you can possibly look as well as how to structure your workouts.  For example, if you lean towards an endomorphic body type then you will want to focus on a clean diet, cardio and endurance training to prevent you from becoming too heavy or bulky.  If your body type is more on the ectomorphic side then a higher calorie diet and a weight training program with low intensity cardio would be best.  If your body type is closer to mesomorphic then you will want to focus on body weight exercises (push ups, planks, yoga and Pilates) and moderate cardio to keep your athletic frame long and lean.

Understanding your body type will make sure you are not putting unrealistic expectations on yourself as well as prevent you from comparing yourself to your best friend who can eat a dozen cookies without gaining a pound while your skinny jeans become tighter just from looking at one.

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