Written by Duana

Florence of Florence and the Machine – who’s informally Florence Welch - obviously has a lot to be happy about. Not the least of which is being invited to perform at the Academy Awards. But did she look like she was enjoying herself? Or – let me rephrase – did she look, even marginally, like she was able to raise her energy level above ‘barely conscious and watching reruns on the couch’?

If you’re tired or ill or something, fake it. Pretend you’re great and smile your way through the press for real. If somehow being at the Oscars offends your sensibilities and you cannot muster the requisite celebratory efforts to approximate a level of happiness, please do not come.

Am I too harsh? Maybe. Didn’t her biscuit dress look like it had been through the wash and had tea spilled on it? Just not a whole lot of joy emanating from the woman.

Research says she stepped in to sing for Dido, who couldn’t make it, and about whose absence I couldn’t find a lot of press. So maybe, not that I’m wishing ill on anyone, there’s some reasoning behind it. But if you’re not going to tell the rest of us about it, then it’s the equivalent of having a secret at a third-grade sleepover – not cool. Straighten up, smile, put on something with some COLOUR OH MY GOD and look happy to be there.

Photos from Wenn.com and Kevork Djansezian/ROBYN BECK/Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com