Out of all of the excellent coverage Duana and Lainey put together for the Oscars – the dozens of posts and thousands of words – one really stuck out for me: Duana mentioned Dave Grohl!

She gave him runner-up status for Mr. Congeniality (top spot went to Common, so I’m not mad). I had to email her afterwards to say that yes, Dave is the puppy of rock stars. He always has a really wide smile and looks so stoked to be there. “There” can be anywhere, like dancing (with a red solo cup!) to Lionel Richie at the Grammys.

He was at the Oscars, of course, for the In Memoriam performance, and immediately “Foo Fighters are breaking up” rumours started flying on Twitter.

Whoever started the solo career storyline doesn’t know the Foo Fighters. They all work on several side projects/play on other bands’ albums. Dave has played drums for Queens of the Stone Age, Taylor Hawkins sings with The Birds of Satan (and Dave was featured on their album). That’s not to say there hasn’t been rock star sh-t, and grumblings about Dave being controlling and a typical lead singer, but it’s never gotten that dramatic.

In response to the Oscars press, the band said they would be releasing a statement on Twitter. They did so through a YouTube video – a fairly long, very thought out YouTube video – about the band breaking up.

It’s good. And like all comedy, there’s some truth underneath every joke. The velvet painting of Dave. The “f-ck him!” phone call. The “I’m holding them back” justification. The dig at EDM. And my favourite: the namedropping. Was the Gwen reference a little dig at No Doubt’s frequent hiatuses? Some names, like Sammy Hagar, will make no sense to anyone under 35 (um, 40?). Others, like Justin, will obviously land with everyone. (Was mentioning Courtney Love ever on the table, or do they steer clear of her at all costs?)

And the cameo at the end… it was the last person I’d expect. Who in the band arranged that? How did that possibly come to be? His voice has held up… you’ll see what I mean. And who knew he had such a sense of humour.

So, obviously, the band is not breaking up. The Foos are fine. Now I want to watch a documentary on the making of the fake breakup video. That’s totally something Dave would be into. And I will continue my 20 year crush on Dave unabated, even though between us we have 5 kids and I’ll be honest, it’s becoming unlikely that anything will happen on that front.