So there’s the trailer for The Tourist, and then there’s the trailer for For Coloured Girls. I watched it yesterday and then had to watch it again, three more times, and twice today. I love the tone, I love the music, I love how you can almost feel these women, and the music, and the pacing – pacing counts in trailers too! – and I love Janet’s brief clip, the look on her face when she tells him to go...

This is what a trailer should do. It should make you curious, it should make you want, and now I very, very much want to see For Coloured Girls.

The film is directed by Tyler Perry based on Ntozake Shange’s acclaimed 1975 play For Coloured Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. And note the release date: November 5th. It was originally supposed to be January. Now that you’ve seen the trailer, you know why they moved it up. People are talking like For Coloured Girls will be right in the thick of awards season.

Women’s issues and strong women’s performances and the Tyler Perry track record...

There may be an Oscar campaign in the works.

See below and let’s discuss when the Weekly LiveBlog resumes next week.

Photos attached of Janet and Perry filming a few months ago.

Photos from Asadorian-Mejia/