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Of course it isn’t. Sex & the City the tv show cared about writing and story. Sex & the City the movies serve only one purpose: Dress Porn. If Carrie is wearing an amazing pair of shoes who gives a sh-t if what’s happening around her makes no sense. So it doesn’t seem like they even tried.

At least not from these 4 clips just released. My friend LB emailed me earlier: Omg – who WROTE it?

That’s the problem. Or the point. I don’t think anyone wrote it. I think they must have built the entire affair around the clothes, and added the plot as an afterthought. Here’s what Carrie can wear to a wedding. Oh, so who should be getting married? What a great outfit for a desert scene. Oh, how can we send the girls to the desert? Which half explains why the line deliveries are so excruciating. Especially the first video when they’re in Bergdorf’s exchanging quips. F-cking brutal. Even the usually solid Cynthia Nixon can’t make it work. Everything feels very, very forced. By the end of the fourth segment, they’ve managed to make me not care about what Big gets Carrie for their anniversary. Don’t. Care.

Do you do it for the MiniVan TBS fans who keep wanting more? Do you degrade the legacy of the show for the sake of a summer blockbuster? Maybe the film as a whole is much better. Maybe it won’t be so inane. But they’re contriving new challenges to advance four stories that have already been told, trying to force a drop of juice out of something that dried up long ago.

But wait...

The Dress Porn will be amazing.

Here’s SJP yesterday out and about in New York for the junket with a large bag. SATC2 opens next week.

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