Frances McDormand won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries/Movie for Olive Kitteridge, which gives her a TOE (Tony-Oscar-Emmy). This is a not insignificant achievement, and as icing on her cake, Kitteridge also won a boatload of other Emmys, including ones for writing, directing, lead and supporting acting for Richard Jenkins and Bill Murray, respectively, and Outstanding Limited Series. It was a banner night for Kitteridge, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at Frances McD. She looked like she’d rather be doing anything else other than being at the Emmys, including polishing the silver, bathing the dog, and doing her taxes. Bill Murray no-showed, and you could see McDormand thinking, “Why didn’t I do that?!”

She gave a hilariously abrupt acceptance speech in which she made “thank you” sound terse, she had no time for Andy Samberg’s “no books” joke during his opening monologue, and she looked put out every time she had to get out of her seat. Frances McDormand is my Emmy fatigue spirit animal. It was also fun watching everyone be like, “Ugh, FINE, I’ll watch Olive Kitteridge,” as it racked up win after win. Good luck—I made it through two episodes before giving up. Watching Olive Kitteridge is like doing homework. And honorable mention to Kitteridge co-star Zoe Kazan’s dress, which looks like it was made from 1970s wallpaper.