The source is Nikki Finke at Deadline. In other words, it’s tight.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway have apparently been approached to host the Oscars. Finke says they’ve both accepted and an announcement is imminent.

Big bold new moves...

You like?

I like. A lot.

The Academy showed some imagination!

They want young. But they want respectable. And they need entertainers. Annie is a proven stage entertainer. Franco thinks he’s a stage entertainer. He also thinks he’s a sculptor, a poet, a photographer, and three more things I can’t remember right now. That can actually be more entertaining than you think. And it’s not like they’re not popular. Franco is so popular he caused a riot at The Actor’s Studio the other day over tickets, apparently their most appealing guest since...

Paul Newman?

Dude, I’m just quoting TMZ. Who was quoting a source on the show. And of course Franco is about to receive a Best Actor nomination for his work in 127 Hours, expected to fight it out with Colin Firth. It’s a major year. And hosting the Oscars is a major, major addition to his already impressive resumé. Also, Franco has a huge ego. He wants to make history. Don’t doubt for a second, he’d love to make history.

You know, I was actually thinking that Hosting would be the only Oscar + Justin Timberlake association that I could actually tolerate. But Justin would have thought that hosting This Year would be beneath him, especially since he believes he’s worthy of a nomination.

And then James Franco – do it all James Franco – comes along and tells JT that, yes, even nominees can be hosts, even the most acclaimed performances can be complemented by double duty on Oscar night.

Now Justin Timberlake is sh-tting on himself for being so shortsighted.

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