Have finally watched most of the SAG clips. Thankfully didn’t miss much. Meryl of course was delightful but for smutty tingles, the best speech of the night belonged to Sean Penn. Several reasons…

First – Frank Langella’s bitchface! Angelina Jolie has kicked off an awards season trend! Only Frank’s, if you can believe it, is much worse. Because Frank not only lost, he had to suffer the indignity of Sean’s standing ovation. Note his expression when he has no choice but to get up out of his seat with everyone around him. It’s the best.

If you can’t stand to watch Katie reading, skip to 2:20.

Best Actor at SAGs 2009

Amazing, right?

And then there’s the campaign. Sean Penn kicked off the final leg of his campaign on that stage and left Mickey Rourke scrambling.

As you know, those strategising for Mickey have been alleging behind the scenes, leaking to outlets like Page Six, that Sean is homophobic. Penn moved to address these charges at the SAGs in an emotional speech that more than adequately set the record straight in his favour. He also graciously downplayed any rivalry between him and Mickey, blaming the speculation on “tv people” who need the ratings.

Beautifully played. And extremely insightful.

Sean Penn, for all his posturing and his anti-establishment attitude, Sean Penn wants that Oscar. Badly. Mickey needs to keep up.

Photos from Wenn.com