Do you want to see what Freddie Prinze "Hack. E. Sack." Jr. looks like shirtless in 2013? Of course you do, because these days we're all just a bunch of Buzzfeed addicted nostalgia junkies, aren't we? When did that happen? When did we become powerless against any link that features anyone who was ever on the cover of Teen People? Important question, but back to Freddie -- we'll show you his aged bod in a second. First I have to confess a major Freddie Prinze Jr. bias, one that I'm certain most of you will have too.

I'm sure I've talked about this before but it's worth repeating/will be on my gravestone that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is very dear to me. I loved that show, it supported me emotionally, I still pretend I'm in slayer training while I work out, you get it. And it is because of my devotion to Buffy that I have become so totally disillusioned with Sarah Michelle Gellar and anything she touches, ie. her topless husband.

The thing about these two is that they're basically Reese and Ryan, just less talented, less motivated, less scandal prone, and just generally less special. Even Reese and Ryan got over being Reese and Ryan a long time ago. SMG and FPJ are never in anything good, Ringer sucked, they're Republican (Buffy would NEVER vote GOP!), that cloud dress, this list could go on for a while.

So this is why I'm smugly satisfied to see FPJ reduced to showing off his nipples on a fourth tier cable show like Witches of East End. If you watch Project Runway you'll surely have seen the relentless commercials and know that Witches is Lifetime's new weird/latent Charmed ripoff. This is not a dignified place to be working, especially for someone like FPJ, who's never had enough of a sense of humor to capitalize on his camp value. This is where this man deserves to be working.

What would be perfect is if he becomes a huge hit with sci-fi fans and is forced to attend all the conventions. SMG famously thought she was way too good for that sh*t back in the day and I'd love to see her sucked back down into the muck with us nerds.

Know who absolutely doesn't deserve to be on Witches of East End? Madchen Amick. That's right, Shelly from Twin Peaks is one of the stars of this stinker. There's no justice in TV Land, you guys.

(Lainey: Now I totally have to watch She’s All That tonight.)

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