The Freebie 5

What is the Freebie Five?

A concept inspired by Friends which I've called the Freebie Five - a list of 5 'unattainables' you'd have permission to tap without consequence from your significant other should the opportunity arise. The key to the Freebie Five is fantasy, whatever turns your crank. My criteria, however, is also determined by celebrity. Two bit no-names, no matter how hot they are, don't rank. Because while intelligence is optional, fame never is.

Note also that the Freebie Five is NOT about a relationship. The Freebie Five is all about ONE night. Or two nights. In bed. Conversation optional but not required.

So don't question David Beckham. I am aware that he can't think on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. And I am also well aware of what he sounds like. But he doesn't have to talk to me when he's rockin' me... you know what I mean?

Current list below and it changes often so keep up.