You know I love her. You know she’s stunning. But it’s her first time. It’s all happening so quickly. So when poking her with our judgy stick, let’s not go too hardcore. Freida Pinto is a novice. And while nothing can take away from her beauty, well, this dress is trying its best to. Or more like she needed a stylist to help her bring it out. Because with some high fashion concept bedazzling it would have been spectacular. On a runway.

On little overwhelmed Freida at the party for the first time…

It fell a little flat, non?

Still…who cares?


Here’s Freida with Dev Patel. Our little movie cleaned up!

So how come you haven’t seen it yet? Apparently the Brange have seen it and love it. The Jolie apparently approached Freida at Critics’ Choice last week to tell her. This of course is leading to speculation that their next adoption will come from India.

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