Freida Pinto has been in Montreal shooting Immortals. Her boyfriend Dev Patel is in town to join her, seen here together leaving the gym yesterday after a workout.

Dev can soon be seen in theatres in The Last Airbender. He plays the bad guy. Of course he does. Because brown people suck.

They sure f-cked the sh-t out of that cast didn't they? They whited out all the minorities. They darkened all the villains. And most people won't notice. They won't notice the same way they didn't notice that the Asian guy in The Hangover offered an offensive unnecessary chink portrayal that added nothing to the story. They won't notice like the woman - a journalist - I was sitting behind on the shuttle bus on my way into Universal Orlando when she was telling her friend how much fun Sex & the City was during the whole Abu Dhabi section, especially when Samantha was disparaging the Arabs. Amazing.

Put on some nice clothes, or dress it up in 3d special effects though and suddenly everyone is hypnotised and oblivious. And your kids will go to school assigning stereotypes during recess. Hey Bobby Johnson, you can play the hero. Hey Mohammed Jara, you are the assassin. Go!

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