You know sateen can be trouble as a rule. At etalk our producers have a no sateen policy when it comes to live events. Especially Michelle. You’ve already heard me too many times complaining about imaginary lumps and bumps. Even here, on Freida Pinto, there are a few. Without the workmanship of Karl’s slaves, it could have been worse.

Because it’s Chanel though, there’s a quality to it that keeps the sateen problem to a bearable minimum. Needless to say, the way she’s wearing it, Freida Pinto, has a lot to do with that too. The shoulders, the tie, her hair, the white against her skin... I love this look so much, so much it was almost the Best Overall. The sateen though, I just couldn’t do it.

Photos from and Larry Busacca/TIMOTHY A. CLARY/Stephen Lovekin/