Please. Find her a stylist. Or sack the existing one. It’s a crime this girl, as gorgeous as she is, cannot live up to her true potential on a big night. Because at every major carpet this season, Freida Pinto is wearing a prom dress.

SAG was no exception.

It’s the colour. Gross.

It’s the old lady weaving in the chest area that screams Arlene’s Dress Shoppe – for all your fancy occasions! Brutal.

It’s that sash hanging from the back. Ugh.

This needs to stop. It needs to stop for the Oscars. Hopefully a better showing then at the BAFTAs.

PS. In her defence, she was lovely at the Producers Guild Awards the night before. Which no one cares about because the SAGs came right after. Missing the moments, she’s missing the moments…

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