If you’ve seen it, you already know. Her name is Freida Pinto. Ridiculously beautiful. I saw Slumdog Millionaire with my husband. When we were leaving I asked him if he enjoyed it. His answer:

Yeah, it was good. Let’s go home so I can google that girl. HOT.

Fiona had the same experience with her husband Kiu. You just have to see her move. And she’s barely wearing any makeup. Gah! I love her.

Freida won the Breakthrough Award last night at the Palm Springs Film Festival and will hopefully be a regular presence on the circuit seeing as Slumdog has been nominated for, like, everything. Right now, it’s the one to beat. If so, we’ll need to work on her wardrobe. Last night’s dress was… not enough.

But can you imagine?

All these big Hollywood movie stars and a movie with no stars, featuring an all non-white cast, takes the big prize? Crazy town. Is it even possible?

Freida has her own website, click here to see her promo shots.

Photos from Wenn.com