For those of you without DirecTV, January is something to look forward to. New episodes of Friday Night Lights!

I can tell you that Tim and Lyla get it on in the first 2 minutes. And how their relationship progresses after that will, in typical FNL fashion, break your bleeding heart. There is a scene where Tim, the misfit, finds himself in a situation so uncomfortable, what he does will crush your soul for hours. And the way Lyla cheers him up will set your loins afire.

But it’s Smash and Street who steal several episodes and will leave you totally destroyed but at the same time so moved and so emotional, you will want to camp outside NBC studios and beg them not to let it die.

Friday Night Lights is back.

And unfortunately people are still watching Dancing with the Ass. Ugh.

Behind the scenes promotional photos have been released from the new season. January 16th!

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