Many of you have been hungry for news especially since the strike is now officially over and the networks are moving full steam ahead to salvage what remains of the season.

I have bad news and ok news…

Sources tell me exclusively that NBC head Ben Silverman met with Friday Night Lights production last Thursday and while nothing has been put to paper, many staffers have been unofficially informed that the show is done for the season. However, they were also informed that next year “looks good”. Whether or not Silverman honours that remains to be seen. And how the writers will fill in the gaps is even more of a mystery.

Still…all is not lost. Silverman is clearly aware of the support behind this show.

So keep on with your petitions, though to be honest, there are too many of them. Y’all should thnk about consolidation.

And to those of you who’ve yet to figure it out – you now have an entire Spring and Summer to discover Friday Night Lights. Forget Grey’s Anatomy and feast your eyes on the boys and girls of Dillon, Texas. Yum!