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That’s how Tami Taylor would say it, right?

If you don’t love Friday Night Lights, don’t bother reading this article, UNLESS of course you want to meet the most authentic marriage in the history of television which, I know, sounds like an oxymoron but this is what they were able to achieve on FNL.

Tami and Eric Taylor are as real as real. And they held a show together for 5 years and now they’re saying goodbye tonight on NBC. Forever. Taking their final huddle just as they’ve been finally acknowledged by the Academy. Many of you have sent me the Oral History. Thank you. I love the Oral History. There are some crazy new insights in the Oral History.

Like Blake Lively???

Can you imagine Blake Lively as Tyra Collette? Or Lyla Garrity? Please. Blake Lively would never have been Julie Taylor.

I love it too when Taylor Kitsch says the house where they shot the Riggins was a sh-thole.

And I LOVE Kyle Chandler’s final quote about the gate.

Click here to read the article and, below, thanks Deano!, to appreciate Mrs Taylor.

PS. According to Bill Simmons, Peter Berg wants to do a movie based on the tv show which was originally based on the movie...


Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

Attached – Kyle Chandler at the Super Eight premiere a few weeks ago.

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