As I said the other day, because her family keeps failing her, because her gay keeps failing her, because she has no real friends, let’s do her a solid. Let’s be her friend. Jessica Simpson needs friends.

Last night she arrived in NYC from Dallas presumably to start promoting her country album. Or may it’s her new lingerie line. Whatever it is, much is riding on the next few weeks. The perverted influence of her omnipresent father won’t help, even though he insisted to Extra that it’s his girls who call the shots on their own careers and not the other way around.


But dad isn’t the only problem. The other problem is that cheese dick Ken Paves. Jessica is a beautiful girl. She doesn’t need to be so… adorned and coiffed. Perhaps she and Jennifer Aniston can share stylists too, seeing as they already have John Mayer in common.

Chris McMillan could do wonders with Jessica Simpson, non?

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