How about J.D. Fortune for your Freebie 5? Ever since you posted that bit about him last month I"ve been strangely attracted to him. He"s so dark, mysterious with the right amount of crazy (the good kind). He sort of reminds me of Joaquin Pheonix in a strange way. If you don"t add him to your list, please at least feed my addiction and find some more dirt on this hottie!!! Dear Alexa, Like I always say - whatever quivers your loins… go for it. But will you forgive me if I don"t share the attraction? Unfortunately, I"m not much of a Fortune fan. In fact, I think I"ve actually called him a wanker before. That being said if he climbs into bed with you at night and gives you the same pleasures Joaquin provides for me, than I say giv"er and giv"er even more. As for more dirt on JD - the only things I"ve heard are that he has a small pee pee and shovels happy up his nose on a regular basis. Oh yeah, and Estella Warren dumped his poseur ass after tiring of him in a couple weeks. She supposedly went back to her longtime boyfriend Peter Berg and word is JD called her so much she had to change her number. Poor guy.