Lainey, I have a question, I may be totally out of the loop, but here it is anyway. Was/is Alicia Silverstone pregnant? Where the hell did she go?? Dear Amber: Although there were a few photos in September that depicted a slightly fuller Alicia, I don"t recall an official announcement confirming a pregnancy. If she was, she"d be fully showing by now and I haven"t seen any recent pics to confirm. Have you tell you…this girl really surprised me. After Clueless and Batgirl and all those early movies she made, I was convinced she wanted to be a big Hollywood star. And then she stopped eating meat and got all artsy fartsy, shunning the fame apple, and playing super low key. Kinda refreshing, actually. Makes me yearn for a Cher Horowitz session. Holy Goddess, did I ever love that movie.