From Betty K: Brad is still Brad

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 9, 2006 12:00:00 January 9, 2006 12:00:00
Alright so we know that Brad doesn"t appear the way we"re used to seeing him and he has become so domestic but just as well. So what, who gives a sh#% if Brad wants to be with a Bi sexual emotionally hightened women it doesn"t change the fact that hes still Brad!! Reality sits in... and did anyone ever think that a man like Brad was going to be satisfied by a women as blah as Jennifer. Although some people are losing their minds about the golden boy being with such a real person and the fact that he is in a Dysfunctional situation like the rest of the world (and mind you by that i mean instead of a plastic and shiny made for T.V. life that he just saved himself from). I honestly believe after being stuck in that relationship for all that time, of course the appeal for the complete opposit was going to take over. So now what? The fact remains that it doesn"t get much better than Brad. So it would explain why Jen has dug her claws in the only place Brad can"t turn his back on (mommy) but for me and my preference i prefer Jollie anyday. I mean does anyone even remember what Brad and Jennifer did? they were so borring that i almost lost the love for Brad. So lets not knock him for what seems to be his perfect match ...Larger than life. because lets face it Brad is never going to be able to settle for anything less. Dear Betty: Fine. But why can’t they just have more jungle sex??? Trust me, I would so totally pay at least $49.99 for their African Nights pay-per-view porn video. Wouldn’t you?? As for Brad looking bad – looks like there might be a bounce back in the works. Here he is over the weekend getting his plane ready for a little spin. Much improved, non?

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