Anyways just have to tell you about my new found obsession with one of your fellow Canadians. Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. Now it is a suprise to me this obsession because I am more of a Jude/Chris Martin kind of girl but hey you cant help who you fall truly madly crazy obsessionly for can you. I think it is almost on par with your love for Joaquin. The reason for this obsession? Nickelback"s new song "Far Away". What a beautiful love song. I hear the song and picture Chad serenading to me in bed. Oh I wish!!!!! Tell me if you ever hear or see anything on this man. Probably not because he isnt wanted in the tabloids. You are a fellow Canadian so you are my closest link. Dear Esther, I"m not personally a huge fan (is it just me or do all their songs sound the same???) but Canadians are definitely proud of Nickelback and you are most certainly not alone in your Chad adoration. I don"t have much insider gossip on him or on the band except to say that a couple of years ago, Kroeger was spending some time in Vancouver and he drove a pick up truck or something and kept zooming up and down the same road incessantly for about an hour, wind blowing, music blasting, supposedly because he was trying to get inspiration for a new song. Sorry - that"s all I have.