i usually enjoy my men with a bit of presumed intelligence (like i could imagine jakey and i talking about post-modernism and meta-fiction until the wee hours of the night). I always counted out paul walker from my list as being too cali, too surfer boy... but man... recent pics of him are smokin and heck the recent Toro article (a nice Canadian publication, no less) portrayed him in a rather positive light. Can I suggest him for the Freebie Five? Dear Jonathan, From a purely physical perspective - absolutely, 100%, no doubt about. Paul Walker is total loin quiveration. And in the face of all those naysayers who are dumping on 8 Below - screw you! Dogs who survive insurmountable odds?? A perfect movie script!!! What"s not to love??? However, what kills it for me about Paul Walker is the personality. Watch him on a talk show and it"s all over. He IS the surfer dude. He really DOES fix up cars and worry about his board. And I"ve heard he"s not exactly the most gentlemanly of men on a date either. But if your Freebie 5 is all about glistening abs and the most piercing of blue eyes - I say giv"er. Paul is a hotness personified. And if I knew I"d be running into him on a Saturday night, you bet your boob job my legs would be shaved and my "slam dunk" perfume would be strategically spritzed between my breasts for maximum olfactory stimulation. Fuh shuh.