Call me crazy but did Angelina"s baby bump come out of nowhere? I pride myself in following the gossip and buying the latest magazines with pictures of our favorite stars almost to a fanatic crazy obsession kinda way. So when I see these "new pictures" of Angelina having a HUGE baby bump it makes me wonder if they have been doctored to help increase the hype? Do magazine"s have the right to doctor a picture to help sales or should we always question the image that goes along with the gossip? Dear Meaghan: Considering that she"s been wearing a trench coat for the better part of 3 months, you"re not alone in wondering where this sudden bump came from. These recent photos have definitely NOT been doctored. But given how thin she is, a bump that size even if she"s only 4 months pregnant is not surprising. My girlfriend Justine has one of the fittest, leanest bodies I have ever seen on a regular person. It is the REAL DEAL. She started showing early, just because she was so tight. By 6 months, people were pegging her at 8 months. By 8 months, people thought she was 3 weeks overdue. Of course, now that her baby is 2 and a half months old, she"s completely back to her old self. Thin as ever and toned to boot. And if she wasn"t one of my close friends, I"d totally hate her. Angie is likely cut from the same rare stock. Naturally slim. Which is why her baby started showing so early.