Sean Penn and Robin Wright (for Clinging to Love )? And just out of curiosity – why has your lover changed his name from Leaf to Joaquin? Dear Robin: It"s not Sean and Robin. Although Mr Insensitive is generally well regarded in the industry, he hardly has the respect of an Oscar winner like Sean. Think a little younger…at least on her end. As for Joaquin"s name change - he was born in Puerto Rico, parents named him Joaquin, but he became frustrated that no one could pronounce it properly. And he also wanted to be more like his siblings who had names like River, Rain, Summer, and Liberty. So he decided on Leaf when he was quite young and went as Leaf until well into his late teens. His brother supposedly encouraged him to change it back and embrace his original name and when his brother died, he went on a 2 year trip to South America where no one could say Leaf without getting it wrong, so he changed it back to Joaquin and now his big irritation is that people always call him JoaquiM instead of JoaquiN, which is kind of how I feel when people say "Eeee-laine" instead of "Ell-aine" and it"s just another thing we have in common and another reason why we are perfect together. Thank you for calling him my lover. This is the truest of all truths.