I thought you"d be interested in this. I heard on Toronto"s The Edge (102.1) Radio station that J.D. Fortune is unfortunately tiny, approx. 4-inches. His "ex-girlfriend" (they dated a couple months) was on the air talking about their relationship and said he was not that well-endowed but he "tried really hard in bed". She also said that he told her to "lay off the chips" when she had gained a couple pounds after a stressful week. I thought you"d love to know this or even try to get the transcript for the morning show...it was around 9a.m. on Jan 19. Dear T, Funny that. I wrote about JD"s teeny pee pee from an entirely different, anonymous source almost 2 months ago and at the time, the Fortune fan claws came out for blood, calling me a "gossip whore" and accusing me of making sh*t up. I must say though, this doesn"t surprise me. Not only because he"s a poseur but because we all know, thanks to Chelsea, that the most endowed member of any rock band is actually the bass player, followed closely by the drummer. So if size matters, you now know who to make googoo eyes at next time you"re looking for a real rock star f&ck.