There requires a certain discipline to be a celebrity. Duana referenced it last week in her post about Lady Gaga tweeting her popstar diet and workout routine. Click here if you missed it. Food indulgences must be defied. Food is evil. As Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. Has Kate Moss ever tried a shrimp dumpling at dimsum? Because I feel like you can’t make a pronouncement like that until you’ve had proper dimsum. But that’s the point. Girls like Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham don’t dimsum. And no one knows restriction like Victoria Beckham. Not even on her birthday.

Posh celebrated her 38th birthday yesterday. She tweeted a photo of her “cake”. It was a glorified fruit platter. I’m not snarking when I say that this is the requirement. It is her truth. It is her sacrifice to maintain what she believes is her best image. There are no exceptions. Never exceptions. Fruit for birthdays, anniversaries, and all the special occasions in between. Occasionally a glass of wine. But you choose - wine or vegetables? Never both.

So it’s safe to say that it wasn’t Victoria who enjoyed the dragon roll at Matsuhisa yesterday with David and H7. Maybe one piece of tuna without the rice? Or is tuna considered a fatty fish? Salmon certainly is. I won’t lie and say I don’t wish I had that kind of willpower. The willpower to eschew pork belly and scallops and duck wontons (what we had for dinner last night at Bao Bei). It’s just not possible for me. It’s too...exhausting. Over a month? Two weeks? Perhaps. But as a lifestyle? This is what it takes to be her. And, to her credit at least, she doesn’t lie about it.  

PS. H7 is SO cute I want to mash my face into her cheeks and smell them.