A new full length trailer for Gone Girl was released today. It was preceded by a series of posters put out over the weekend advertising not the film…but the preview. So that’s the marketing strategy for the film: they’re treating it as a theatrical event, a MEGA motion picture release, a MUST SEE MOVIE – not in the summer, but in the fall. In an approach usually reserved for superheroes and robots. It’s clever. Tell the people that this is THE cinematic appointment of the season…only they shouldn’t be expecting explosions and car chases. It’s drama, drama, drama all the way. And a focus on character development – specifically character development, because at the heart of it is whether or not you trust Nick, whether or not you trust Ben Affleck, whether or not you believe Amy, whether or not you sympathise with Amy. This is how they’ve cut this trailer – and it works.

Already, giving the timing, and the players involved, there’s buzz for award season. It now happens every time David Fincher directs a movie. And when you add the popularity of the book into the equation, along with Ben Affleck, it’s definitely a possibility. For Best Actor? Oh he wants an acting award. You know he wants an acting award.

So, yes, Gone Girl will be an event, for me especially because Gillian Flynn is said to have changed the ending to her own story. I love this. Because how often do you go to a movie based on a book and you don’t actually know what’s going to happen? Now it’s really a mystery.